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Welcome to the Travel Life Magazine. We are a new travel magazine, but not complete strangers in the industry. We understand the pressures of producing a good quality magazine. Our highly experienced team bring years of experience at the highest level to design and develop high quality glossy magazines, such as Curry Life, which is considered as the authoritative voice of the Curry Industry of Great Britain.

Travel Life is Britain’s latest travel magazine, created with passion and designed to engage, inspire and motivate our readers to discover the inspirational travel features to culture and lifestyle topics, each issue highlights the very best of the UK & Europe, Middle East and Asia.

More specifically, we have truly impartial information and fresh ideas on Middle East and Indian Sub-Continental travel. We aim to be a trusted partner for many businesses wishing to reach out to this exclusive market segment.

Travel Life delivers industry news, perspectives on travel and tourism issues, features on various destinations, special themed reports, to every travel agency covering Middle East and Indian Sub-Continental travels, including London, Dubai, Doha, Dhaka & Delhi. We aim to provide them with information and insights that will help them better sell and service their travelling clients.

Travel Life’s compact A4 size format, written by an extensive network of experienced nationally and internationally-based journalists, cuts straight to the issues and delivers relevant news coverage to both trade and consumer readership.

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