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The Curry Life Media Group is the main organiser of the Curry Life Awards in London and part of Curry Life Events.

The Awards, a hallmark of the British curry industry, are a testament to the innovation and inspiration of its individuals. This exclusive event is a platform to honour the exceptional chefs, takeaways, and restaurants that have set new standards in the trade and culinary sector. Curry Life Magazine, the leading voice of curry houses in Britain and continental Europe, is always on the lookout for restaurants that meet its high standards.

It reaches 10,000 Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Pakistani restaurants, with an estimated readership of over 100,000.

For over two decades, Curry Life Magazine and Curry Life Events have been at the forefront of organising successful Trade Fairs, Food Festivals, Business Networking Events, Exhibitions, Competitions, and Awards Ceremonies in various countries, including the UK, Europe, and Asia. 

Since the awards’ inception in 2009, Curry Life has uniquely recognised the best curry houses and curry chefs on a massive national scale. No other institution or organisation has ever recognised or promoted so many curry chefs on a national scale as the Curry Life Magazine has done in Britain. The Curry Life Awards and Curry Life Culinary Workshop attract hundreds of professionals from the industry to an annual gathering in London and other cities. Curry Life Magazine also organises an international food festival called ‘The British Curry Festival’. Events are vital to Curry Life Magazine’s strategy to promote British curry chefs’ presentational, artistic and culinary skills and highlight their leading role in making this food popular in the UK and beyond. British Curry Festival is a globetrotting event that has promoted the best of British Curry for over a decade in regions as far afield as the Middle East and Asia. This festival has made stars of chefs by showcasing British curry brands globally.

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